Manufacturer & Supplier of Custom Screws

Machine screws (MS) and sheet metal screws (SMS) together account for more individual part numbers in our system than any other group of fastener and when considering the various head styles, thread arrangements (including thread cutters) and lengths, it is easy to see why. But that is fine with us. Just a few of our varied products include:

  • Machine screws
  • Sheet Metal Screws A
  • Sheet Metal Screws AB
  • Sheet Metal Screws B
  • Thread rolling Screws
  • Self tapping Screws
  • Self drilling Screws
  • … and more!

Not only do we have a great variety of stock in the standard sizes and head styles, but we also stock a many special combinations for customers with unique needs.

Feel free to look at our “Drive Types and Point Styles” to assist you in choosing the combination that works best for you.

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