Plating Options

Plating Options


For use With

Degree of Corrosion
or Finish Resistance


Rust inhibitors All metals Varies with type Oils, greases etc. Vary in color and film thickness. Usually applied to black oxide finishes. Used to protect parts in transit & temporary storage.
Zinc, electroplated All metals Very good Blue to blue-white gray color.
Cadmium, electroplated Most metals Excellent Bright silver-gray, dull gray or black finish. Particularly effective corrosion protection in marine applications. Used for decorative purposes. Lubricate well.
Clear chromate finish Zinc & cadmium Very good to excellent Clear bright or iridescent chemical conversion plated parts coating applied to plated parts to enhance corrosion protection, coloring & paint bonding.
Dichromate Zinc & cadmium Very good to excellent Yellow, brown, green or iridescent colored plated parts coating. Same as clear chromate.
Color chromate finish Zinc & cadmium Very good to excellent Olive drab, blue, gold, bronze, etc. Same as plated parts clear chromate.
Zinc or Manganese Steel Good Black in color. Added protection when oiled Phosphate with a non-drying petroleum oil containing corrosion inhibitors. Lubricate well
Color phosphate coatings Steel Superior to regular Chemically produced color coating. Available phosphate & oiled surfaces in blue, green, red, purple, etc.
Hot-dip zinc All metals Very good Gives maximum corrosion protection. Dull grayish color. Necessitates thread size adjustments to permit ease of assembly
Mechanically deposited Steel Very good Dull gray, smooth finish. Corrosion protection zinc depends on coating thickness. Good coverage in recesses & thread roots.
Tin, electroplated All metals Excellent Silver-gray color. Excellent corrosion protection for parts in contact with food.
Silver, electroplated. All metals Excellent Decorative, expensive, excellent electrical conductor.
Chromium, electroplated Most metals Good Bright blue-white, lustrous finish. Has relatively hard surface. Used for decorative purposes or to add wear resistance.
Copper, electroplated Most metals Fair Used for nickel & chromium plate undercoat. Can be blackened & relieved to obtain antique, statuary & venetian finishes.
Brass, electroplated, Steel, usually Fair Brass electroplated which is then lacquered. Recommended for indoor decorative use.
Bronze, electroplated, Steel, usually Fair Has color similar to 80% copper, 20% zinc alloy. Electroplated & then lacquered. Recommended only for indoor decorative use.
Bright nickel Most metals Indoor excellent. Outdoor Electroplated silver-colored finish good if thickness at least 0.0005 inches Used for appliances, hardware, etc.
Dull nickel Most metals Same as bright nickel Whitish cast. Can be obtained by mechanical surface finishing or a special plating bath.
Anodizing Aluminum Excellent Acid electrolytic treatment. Frosty-etched appearance. Hard oxide surface gives excellent protection.